Tackling Representation Gaps in the Creative Arts with Life WTR


LIFEWTR believes creativity should flow like water. But unfortunately, for years diverse creators have been denied the platform they deserve to have their work seen, limiting the artwork we see in culture. 



We created Life Unseen, a platform fighting for fair representation in the arts by spotlighting the inequalities that exist.

At its heart was the industry’s biggest ever study of the representation gaps in fashion, music, art and film. Led by research partners QSide, this data acted as our call to arms. To show what’s possible when underrepresented artists are supported, we brought in Issa Rae and commissioned 20 artists to create original work about a story that needed to be told.

Their contributions to the Life Unseen Gallery became 20 new bottles for the brand. Paid media told the real stories of five of them. This was augmented by a new grants programme, with mentioning from Issa, so more underrepresented artists could also see their work get made.



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