Assessing Heating Systems for Bron Afon Community Housing

We were really impressed with the detailed report provided by Anthesis. The project was delivered as per the programme brief and the anticipated value was realised. We can also utilise the supporting documentation to plan future works based on risk.”

Kevin Wakefield – Planned Services Manager, Bron Afon


Bron Afon Community Housing wanted to improve the performance and reliability of communal heating systems to prevent problems affecting elderly tenants. To also reduce energy inefficiencies and therefore costs for tenants.


Anthesis conducted detailed site surveys and investigations. Followed by analysis and recommendations for action, including detailed retrofit measures.

Key services included:

  • Mechanical and electrical assessments of 28 plant rooms. Creating boiler room equipment and boiler control inventories.
  • The identification of potential failure risks within the existing system. Calculation of heating system efficiency and longevity.
  • Performance assessment based on gas consumption data for each site. Including the identification of obsolete technology.
  • The classification of the site by condition, ranging from very poor to excellent.


Anthesis summarised a course of action to improve the energy systems for each site including heating system efficiency and the identification of easy to improve measures.

On average, £36,000 suggested remedial action was identified, per site and Anthesis installed a system to enable the quick identification of risk of failure.