Delivering a Report of the Global Bioplastic Market

Bioplastics are a promising solution to the global plastics problem. Anthesis was collaborative and creative in their analysis, which helped deepen our understanding of this exciting opportunity.”


Concerns over plastic pollution have caused consumers and businesses to become more aware of their purchasing decisions and wary of single-use plastic items. As a result, companies are searching for alternatives to replace single-use plastics and meet sustainability and carbon commitments.

A viable option is to replace the use of virgin resources with recycled plastics or bioplastics, made from biobased polymers (biopolymers). Bioplastics present an opportunity to replace traditional petroleum-based plastics with a potentially more sustainable alternative.

A private global investment company engaged Anthesis at the start of its investment process to evaluate the global market opportunities for biopolymers as attractive investment opportunities.


Biopolymers make up a diverse set of materials encompassing distinct technologies that utilise different feedstocks, replace varying traditional plastic applications, and have diverse end of life considerations.

Anthesis delivered a report that provided a market overview for polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs), which have emerged as a class of biodegradable polymers with a wide range of applications.

The report included:

  • PHA’s primary applications.
  • A review of its total addressable global market and emerging opportunities.
  • An assessment of the economic feasibility of key producers.
  • Expected pricing trends.
  • A comparison of competing biobased polymers.
  • Industry attitudes towards bioplastic adoption.
  • Policies that support bioplastic development, utilisation, and end of life disposal.
  • Key players and their production capacities.

Deliverables included:

  • A literature review of the technical production and performance of biopolymers, including PHA.
  • Evaluation of key and emerging PHA producers.
  • Market research on biopolymer growth expectations, including industry reviews, plastic substitution opportunities, and supportive policy environments.

Findings were synthesised for inclusion in the final report.


The final report enabled the client to better understand the sector, evaluate the attractiveness and opportunities in the market, and make informed decisions when assessing investment proposals.

This project demonstrates Anthesis’ capabilities providing pre-deal market due diligence and market research for sustainable materials and waste management solutions to inform investment strategies and opportunity evaluation.