RiskHorizon™ ESG Tool for Identifying Material Risks and Opportunities

Helping legal advisors, investors, finance professionals and deal makers identify the material ESG risks and opportunities



There is an increasing need for effective identification and evaluation of material ESG (Economic, Environmental, Social, and Geo-Political) risks and opportunities across the investment due diligence process. Legal advisors, investors, finance professionals, and deal makers face the challenge of comprehensively assessing these factors across multiple, diverse scenarios.


RiskHorizon™ is an innovative, web-based tool designed by Anthesis. This tool efficiently screens millions of data points from over 175 countries, covering 30+ global risks, facilitating early screening for ESG risks and opportunities, and allowing users to model the landscape in the transaction cycle. It provides an online dashboard offering insights into potential ESG risk exposure by sector or region. Customisable questions enable users to evaluate risk materiality, and an executive summary feature aids in prioritising findings and making recommendations.

  • RiskHorizon™ is market-leading. No other tool in the marketplace leads to identifying global ESG risk factors for you.
  • It puts you in control and gives you the insights on how local and global disruptions to supply and operations could affect the target company or its sites.
  • It supports horizon scanning activities – monitoring the externalities to help set strategic priorities and to achieve cost efficiencies. Through the use of RiskHorizon™ you can identify how you can mitigate risks and capitalize on opportunities across different time horizons to achieve cost efficiencies.


The use of RiskHorizon™ as part of the due diligence process offers substantial benefits for organisations across industries, as it empowers users to navigate the complex landscape of ESG risks and contributes to more informed and strategic investment decisions.

The tool allows for the early identification and assessment of potential ESG risks, enabling informed decision-making, and its graphical display aids in scoping the technical diligence effort. By incorporating built-in and customisable questions, RiskHorizon™ ensures a comprehensive evaluation of each risk’s materiality. The flexible reporting feature supports both online review and hard-copy printing, providing a user-friendly experience.