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Emerging Sustainability Trends Revealed – 2018 and Beyond

June 20, 2018 | News,

We summarize the highly anticipated results from Anthesis Group’s Annual Emerging Trends Survey

What is the Anthesis Annual Emerging Trends Survey?

Anthesis conducted this survey to proactively track business perspectives on sustainability trends and topics. We asked survey respondents for their perceptions about key sustainability trends and topics that are emerging or changing, and impacting organizations globally. Understanding and prioritizing the topics that matter most to the market will enable us to more fully understand business priorities and challenges, and provide these insights back to our clients.

This is the first Emerging Trends survey Anthesis have conducted, with yearly surveys planned hereafter.

Who took part in the survey?

Our survey had 240 respondents from 15 different industries, with many holding Director or Managerial roles. Our audience is global, too, with respondents predominantly from Americas and the United Kingdom.

Demographics - Emerging Trends

How can I view the results?

Our survey is currently hosted on Data Visualization platform, Tableau. Our Tableau dashboard makes it easy to view and understand which trends are at the top of global companies’ agendas, and what issues companies are actively working on or plan to address in the future. You can also filter the results by region, sector, and role of survey respondents.

Click here to view results

What did the report reveal?

Climate change and the energy transition is high on the agenda

The report revealed “Climate change, air quality and the energy transition” as one of the most significant trends to over 50% of our respondents.

Significance or impct on your organization

Key: Green = Critical or very important, Orange = Somewhat important, Red = Not important, Grey = Don’t know.

Organizations are actively working on customer and stakeholder sustainability requests

While the report revealed the energy transition as a top priority, the majority of our respondents are actively working on “Managing specific customer / stakeholder requests and enquiries”:

What is your organization currently doing - Emerging Trends

Mainstreaming Sustainability takes top place in terms of Significance vs Action

Participants rated “Mainstreaming Sustainability”, swiftly followed by “Responsible Supply Chains”, as the most Significant vs Action taken by their organization:

Plotting significance vs action - emerging trends-1

To view more results from the Anthesis Annual Emerging Trends Survey, click here.

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