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How to Comply with ESOS Phase 3

September 15, 2022 | Guidance,

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a mandatory assessment scheme in the UK, requiring large organisations to undertake energy efficiency audits every four years. ESOS is the UK’s interpretation of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), so there are equivalent schemes across all EU member states. The scheme incorporates all organisational energy consumption from buildings, industrial processes and transport.

ESOS phase 3 compliance

You need to comply with ESOS if your UK operations meet either of the following criteria on the qualification date of 31st December 2022:

  • 250+ staff in one qualifying entity
  • Turnover in excess of £44m and a balance sheet in excess of £38m for two consecutive accounting rounds

The deadline to comply is the 5th June 2024.

If you have operations throughout Europe a consolidated EED approach across your organisation is recommended to gain maximum benefit from the compliance process.


ESOS phase 3 updates

Changes to Phase 3 were published in July 2022 following a Government consultation in 2021.

The key updates include:

  • Total energy consumption needed in the audit increased from 90% to 95%
  • Reports should include an emphasis on half hourly energy consumption data for the first time 
  • Participants will need to set an energy reduction target and design an action plan to meet these targets
  • It is expected that future ESOS participants will need to report on progress against this target

Our approach

We view ESOS as an opportunity to assists our clients in achieving their corporate objectives, not just a tick box compliance exercise. Through a straightforward four stage approach we ensure that real benefit is derived from the ESOS process, proposing tangible carbon and cost reductions that considerably outweigh the cost of the compliance process.

Anthesis recommends getting the best out of your ESOS programme by aligning the effort with your wider ESG goals and carbon reduction targets. Contact us to find out how to use your ESOS audit to quantify the steps to achieving your Net Zero emissions.

Why work with Anthesis?

  • Our team has significant experience of detailed building energy audits, and supported 100’s of organisations with ESOS and EED (European compliance)
  • Carbon and cost reductions that considerably outweigh the cost of the compliance process
  • Implementation of accurately costed recommendations
  • Support with access to funding streams
  • Potential reimbursement of compliance programme cost on implementation of the measures

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