Helping Businesses and Authorities to Account for the Value of Nature and Biodiversity

8th February 2023

Join Anthesis experts for a webinar on how businesses and authorities can benefit from natural capital accounting and resource economics assessments.

Anthesis is expanding its expertise and offers in the field of natural capital and biodiversity accounting by integrating the business areas of Nature and Resource Economics. In this webinar, we will provide an overview of the critical need for businesses and authorities to faster integrate natural capital and biodiversity into their decisions and strategies by valuing them appropriately. Illustrative examples will be given of how Anthesis nature experts can help achieve this change.

Key Topics that were discussed on the webinar:

  • Insights from COP15 of the UN Biodiversity Convention
  • What constitutes the concept of natural capital, and how can economic analysis support the uptake of natural capital accounting?
  • In what way can economic analysis help the appreciation of natural capital and biodiversity values?

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