Executive Director Jim Fava Receives Prestigious Lifetime Leadership Award for LCA Innovation

October 11, 2019 | News,
Jim Fava Award

Anthesis is proud to share the news that Executive Director Jim Fava has received the Rita Schenck Lifetime Individual LCA Leadership Award from the American Center for Life Cycle Assessment (ACLCA).

The ACLCA’s Lifetime Leadership Award is one of three categories presented at its annual ceremony and is bestowed to leaders whose long-term active engagement has had a significant impact on the field and profession of LCA and life cycle thinking. The award recognizes contributions over the entirety of a career, rather than, or in addition to, a single contribution. Previous recipients have included individuals from companies such as DOW, EarthShift Global, Industrial Ecology Consultants, IERE and the GE Ecoassessment Center of Excellence.

“I am honored to be awarded the ACLCA’s Lifetime Leadership Award. It is exciting to see the increasing interest by both practitioners and users of life cycle information.”

Jim Fava, often described as ‘the father of modern-day life cycle assessments’, received ACLCA’s Lifetime Leadership Award to honor his role in promoting and developing the practice and application of life cycle information to support decision-making globally. Over the last three decades Jim has led or played key roles in LCA innovation for The Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC), the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Jim is also executive committee chair for the Forum for Sustainability through Life Cycle Innovation (FSLCI).

Currently, as Executive Director at global sustainability consultancy Anthesis Group, Jim continues to drive business value for his clients through increased revenue, risk mitigation, reduced costs, and brand enhancement from operating sustainably with an unrivalled purpose and passion. He provides strategic guidance, tools, and expertise, enabling businesses to operate in a more environmentally responsible and sustainable way. As part of his wider career, he has spent over 40 years supporting businesses and governments to understand the sustainability risks and opportunities facing them and was co-founder of Five Winds International (now thinkstep) and the Product Sustainability Roundtable (PSRT).

Jim Fava winning leadership award

On receiving his award, Jim said “I am honored to be awarded the ACLCA’s Lifetime Leadership Award. It is exciting to see the increasing interest by both practitioners and users of life cycle information. There is great enthusiasm across the industry to accelerate the understanding, acceptance, use, and value of life cycle information and ultimately realize the value it can provide.”

President of Anthesis LLC Chris Jones’ commented “The ACLCA lifetime achievement award is a fitting tribute for Jim’s pivotal contribution to life cycle thinking. We are all incredibly proud of the positive impact Jim has made throughout his illustrious career.”

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About the ACLCA Awards

The American Center for Life Cycle Assessment (ACLCA) Annual LCA Awards honors individuals and organizations that have demonstrated excellence in advancing LCA and life cycle thinking. The annual awards program is an opportunity to recognize those leaders at all levels, in all areas that have shown powerful support and a clear vision for the implementation and application of LCA.

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