Anthesis Women Heroes: Interview with Marta Henrich

In this second article of the Women Heroes series, we are featuring an interview with Marta Henrich, a Technical Consultant at Anthesis.

To begin with, can you tell us about yourself and your current role at Anthesis?

I describe myself as a young and passionate person who wants to develop in my career, including expanding my knowledge and learning about new topics.

In July 2021, I joined Anthesis Lavola, based in Barcelona. I already feel fully integrated in the solution team and with my office colleagues.

When I finished my double degree in environmental sciences and geology, I wanted to specialise more in Spatial Planning and Environmental Management whilst pursing a masters. This led me directly to the City and Territory solution at Anthesis, where I focus mainly on projects related to climate change issues, with goals to achieve 55% carbon reduction.

“I wanted to invest my time into a job that contributes positively to society.”

How did you come to work in sustainability and what has your experience been so far?

I was looking for a job that I could spend time outdoors, away from a lab, as I prefer to apply my knowledge in a physical setting and enjoy observing the world. Also, I wanted to invest my time into a job that makes me happy and contributes positively to society.

“Her trust in us has allowed our work to go beyond what we could have imagined.”

Can you name a person who has inspired you throughout your career? Why and how did this person impact the choices you have made?

I would like to name two people who have inspired me thoughout my career; my mum, and my teacher, Mercè Corvella.

Obviously, my mum, Maite Griñó Escobar, because she will be forever my main reference in my life. I love her positive attitude, sense of humour, and strength. She has taken care of me and guides me, both personally and professionally, as she has always supported me to choose the path that I wanted to follow.

Also, my mineralogy teacher, tutor of my final degree thesis, and friend, Mercè Corvella Cordomí, for giving us her time, knowledge, and courage. Her trust in us has allowed our work to go beyond what we could have imagined, which I am grateful for. Her support has given me the confidence to progress my career within sustainability.

What advice would you give to a woman who is thinking about a career in sustainability?

Trust yourself. I have found that being young and a woman you have more to prove, but it is possible and the personal reward of achieving your goals is incredible.

As well as enjoying learning within classes and the office, try as much as possible to attend talks, expositions and museums that interest you. This is a good way to learn and discover new points of view.

For example, this year I loved to go to Urban Nature at CCCB, Gentry at Antic Theatre or Words for the Environment for World Environmental Education Day.

“Women need to have a voice and the chance to share their opinion.”

Why do you think it is important to have diverse gender perspectives within the sustainability sector and the projects we are carrying out?

To move towards a society and a planet that incorporates the different ways of life in its design, it is essential to correct inequalities and insert new perspectives. To improve and favour the different points of view, and to collect voices of the reality of all groups. Women need to have a voice and the chance to share their opinion.

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