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Leveraging Disruption and Determination to Accelerate your Corporate Sustainability Strategy

16 Jul 2020 | Event,

4 years ago there was a lot of scepticism around sustainability and its relevance to our organization. Today sustainability is now embedded across our organization. It’s built a platform for us that has changed our thinking & how we respond to situations like COVID.

Brendan Denker, 
Senior Policy Analyst, Salt River Project

Virtual Conversation Series | Session 3

Anthesis was joined by guests from the corporate sustainability team at Salt River Project (SRP) – the third largest public power utility in the U.S. SRP navigated a transformational change across a relatively conservative organization facing significant disruption, and in this session the speakers share their insights from the process.


Chris Peterson, Associate Director, Anthesis Group, works primarily in the area of sustainability strategy assessment and development. Chris is also the Executive Director of the Electric Utility Industry Sustainable Supply Chain Alliance (EUISSCA), a CPO lead group of 20 leading US electric power utilities driving sustainability into the supply chain.

Marc Campbell, Manager of Sustainability Policy & Programs, Salt River Project, is responsible for advancing the corporate sustainability strategy at Salt River Project (SRP), a multipurpose reclamation project and the third-largest public power utility in the United States. In late 2015, Marc began a two-year effort to develop and implement a comprehensive sustainability framework called SRP 2035 that SRP’s Board of Directors approved in 2017 and revised in 2019.
Brendan Denker, Senior Policy Analyst, Salt River Project, works in the Sustainability Policy & Programs department. He is the project manager for SRP’s long-term sustainability framework and goals, known as SRP 2035 Sustainability. He has also previously held roles as a Planning Analyst and an Engineer in SRP’s electric business operations.



For more information, contact session facilitator, Jim Fava.