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Net Zero: Utilising the Carbon Market to Deliver on Your Net Zero Goals

24 May 2021 | Event, Webinar,

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Net Zero: Utilising the Carbon Market to Deliver on Your Net Zero Goals

24 May 2021 | 4:00pm – 5:00pm BST

net zero webinar seriesHow can organisations engage effectively in the voluntary carbon market to meet both their net zero goals and investment ambitions?

Many organisations have set ambitious targets to reach net zero in alignment with the ambitions of the Paris Agreement. Once organisations have taken all possible steps to avoid and reduce emissions, they must develop investment strategies to compensate for residual emissions. One sometimes controversial way to do this is via offsetting, which has led to a fast-maturing voluntary carbon market.

But whether you are looking to procure offset instruments and/ or engage in the secondary carbon market, there continues to be a lot of complexity to wade through. This is hampering the emergence of a strong market with a good supply.

This webinar will convene net zero strategy and carbon market experts alongside an organisation at the forefront of delivery to set out the current landscape of the voluntary carbon market and the role that it plays in supporting organisations to reach net zero.

In this panel discussion, we will cover:

  • Is offsetting a legitimate way to reach net zero goals?
  • An introduction to the key terminology and mechanisms surrounding the carbon market, including internal carbon pricing, residual emissions, additionality, avoidance, and removals
  • An overview of the current state and predicted future of the voluntary carbon market
  • The opportunity that the voluntary carbon market presents to corporates to offset residual emissions and meet net zero targets and to the investment community engaging in the secondary carbon market
  • How organisations can develop an offsetting strategy and take their first steps in participating in the carbon market

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