Anthesis Launches Business Sustainability Learning Program with WBCSD

28th November 2023

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bianca nijof

Bianca Nijhof

Associate Director

Today, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), Anthesis Group and ERM launch a new online course, Introduction to Sustainability in Business, which is a foundational, self-paced course designed to equip learners with the knowledge, mindset and practical tools to drive positive change, foster sustainability and effectively communicate the importance of sustainability within their organisations and community. 

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Maarten Dirks, Director of Digital Education at WBCSD said, “Sustainability has proven to be the steepest learning curve in my career, revealing the intricate balance between business success and environmental responsibility. The development of the ‘Introduction to Sustainability in Business’ online course underscores the paramount importance of integrating sustainable practices across all business functions. In this course, we navigate this critical terrain together, fostering a collective understanding that is not just relevant but imperative for the future of every industry.” 

Representatives from 24 organisations spanning business, academia and non-profit sectors have contributed to sharing their insights and expertise.  

“Driving change towards a sustainable, inclusive planet with humanity living within our planet’s boundaries needs action by all of us, businesses, society, and individuals alike. Understanding the importance and relevance of sustainability within any role is critical for all professionals. We are pleased to contribute to building this course and empowering learners with the knowledge, tools, and behavioural change support needed to enable sustainable action.”
Bianca Nijhof, Associate Director
Anthesis Group

Speakers include renowned professors Joyeeta Gupta, Johan Rockström and David Nabarro who share the latest insights on the climate crisis, nature loss and mounting inequality, and the urgency of action at scale. They are joined by practitioners from 14 different companies who share real-world business cases to spark inspiration in raising ambition, taking action and sharpening accountability around corporate sustainability goals. 

Learners of the Introduction to Sustainability in Business can expect to:

  • Cultivate a mindset of sustainability and inclusivity, strengthen intercultural competence, and proactively drive positive ​change​
  • Understand the scientific foundations of sustainability, the complexity, urgency and globality of sustainability,​ and what it means for current and future generations​
  • Discover the relationship and the importance of sustainability for business and society; draw ​inspiration from real-world business cases​
  • Gain relevant information with concise actions, applicable tools, practical recommendations and up-to-date resources to support any organisation on its sustainability journey​
  • Strengthen skills in effectively communicating the narrative and driving meaningful change in an organisation’s sustainability journey, engaging with and influencing key stakeholders

In addition to providing engaging content and interactive assessments, the course also provides a set of workshop guidelines that empower learners to organise their own follow-on workshops to engage with colleagues and other stakeholders in translating the learnings into concrete action. 

WBCSD member companies have the opportunity to integrate their course into their existing learning management systems, and to work with the WBCSD Academy in customising the content and adding supplementary segments specific to the company’s sustainability strategy and operations.  

Access the Introduction to Sustainability in Business online course here.