The Adventure of Sustainable Performance

28th April 2023

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stuart mclachlan

Stuart McLachlan

Group CEO

dean sanders

Dean Sanders

Chief Enterprise Officer

‘The Adventure of Sustainable Performance’ is now available in hardback

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Go beyond ‘business as usual’ with Stuart McLachlan, Anthesis CEO, and Dean Sanders, UK Director, as they guide leaders through the challenges of ESG compliance and towards the opportunities of net-zero, circular business models and a more just and inclusive capitalism as part of an emerging era.

In this book, the authors seeks out bold pioneers or forgotten pioneers who need reinvigorating and to be inspired with renewed purpose. Leaders who want more than just modest incremental efficiency gains, who want to create value, to deliver positive impact and meaningful change, should welcome this book. In a time of disruption like never before, boundaries will need revisiting, systems need reimagining, and assets need repurposing through wise stewardship.

Be in no doubt, The Adventure of Sustainable Performance describes an adventurous journey, uncomfortable at times, where a new and cold reality is dawning. But, in a period when the world will continue to play at denial or talk more of ruins, this book helps leaders to instead see foundations. Foundations upon which the new era will be built, and new systems of value will be realised.

In The Adventure of Sustainable Performance, Stuart McLachlan and Dean Sanders remind us of the power of leadership in steering our enterprises and economies towards a decarbonised and regenerative future. At Rainforest Alliance we share the conviction that partnerships between the private sector, NGOs and governments are key to accelerate the shift to what the authors call “total value systems” at the scale required this decade. This is essential reading for any leader who wants to be part of shaping that future.

Santiago Gowland, Chief Executive Officer, Rainforest Alliance

Perfect for executives, managers, directors, and other business leaders, The Adventure of Sustainable Performance is an actionable guidebook for the implementation of value-add sustainability programmes.

Sharing their many years of experience serving clients and driving performance as the world transitions to a net zero carbon future. A future that uses resources sustainably and that seeks social justice. Through storytelling and interviews from many international leaders in business and sustainability, and by anchoring practical advice with evidence and truth, you will find:

  • The avalanche of new regulations and changes to the compliance landscape
  • The opportunity for value creation beyond compliance box ticking
  • Inspirational stories on how ambitions can be reset
  • A destination that supports ongoing prosperity for humanity from sustainable performance models
  • How purpose driven brands generate superior value
  • The role of ‘Total Value Systems’ as we move from shareholder to stakeholder capitalism models.
  • The relationship between sustainability, talent and customer attraction
  • How digital will play an increasingly important role as the world pivots in response to the climate crisis

Finally! The Adventure of Sustainable Performance is the ESG guide and an invaluable resource for CEOs, CFOs and any enterprise striving to meet stakeholder expectations. The authors remind us that we must go beyond environmental responsibility and fulfil our corporate social and governance obligations. Embarking on an ESG journey is no longer a nice-to-have; it is a business imperative.

Gina Mastantuono, Chief Financial Officer, ServiceNow

This book starts by highlighting the reality of now. Then, by guiding the reader through the challenges of ESG compliance, it presents this new landscape as a platform for value creation. Finally, it uncovers the opportunities of net-zero, circular business models and a more just and inclusive capitalism as having huge potential in a new emerging era. Having interviewed dozens of C Suite officers in different industries and based on decades of experience as guides to progressive leaders and pioneers around the world, the authors distil the need and show the way.

McLachlan and Sanders show the insufficiency of “business as usual” models that place maximisation of shareholder value above other stakeholders and natural resources. They argue powerfully and with practical case studies and illustrations how organisations need to build “total value systems” for all stakeholders and to ensure the transition of value creating assets into the economy of the future.

This is an inspirational and practical guidebook from pioneers who work with leaders at the vanguard of this transition in large multi-national organisations, the public sector and start-ups. Reading this book sets out an exciting invitation to remind us that the real spirit of enterprise is creativity, courage and vision.