Adrian Hudson

Principal Consultant

Middle East

adrian hudson

Adrian Hudson is a Principal Ecologist at Anthesis Middle East. In this role he is responsible for conducting ecological studies and business development in the field of ecology, with studies conducted for, but not limited to, baseline biodiversity assessments, ecological risk assessments and environmental impact assessments.

Adrian holds a Master’s of Science degree in Ecology from the North West University and is currently completing his PhD in Ecology at the same institution. Adrian has worked for 25 years in a diverse range of roles, responsible for conservation and anti- poaching, lecturing, research and consulting respectively. Thus far, Adrian has worked as an Ecologist on more than 130 projects in 28 countries, including Africa, Asia, South America and the Middle East.

Adrian still plays a role in academia as a supervisor for Honours and Masters’ degree students and is registered as a professional natural scientist in South Africa, and as an Ecologist with Dubai Municipality ESS and the EAD. He is a member of the Zoological Society of Southern Africa and the International Society of Conservation Biology. He is also a member of the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (South African Government Department) roster of experts on ecology and desertification, and a reviewer for a number of internationally accredited scientific journals.

Adrian is credited with authorship of a number of articles published in scientific journals and scientific conference presentations.