Alba Bonàs

alba bonas

Alba is currently Educational Consulting Manager, where she designs and coordinates educational proposals focused on each client acquiring the knowledge, attitudes and values necessary to actively contribute to forging a sustainable future at all levels.

As Manager of the department, she enjoys exploring opportunities, generating change and achieving challenges from an interdisciplinary and creative perspective.

Alba started her development in the environmental education sector more than 10 years ago, starting as an educator in natural spaces, and entering Lavola as an educator at the Agbar de las Aguas Museum. She temporarily went to do an internship in Scotland and returned to Lavola as a local Campaign Coordinator. Later she worked as a technician of different educational programmes, designing activities and coordinating teams linked to technical offices.

She has a degree in Environmental Sciences, a Master’s degree in terrestrial ecology, a postgraduate degree in social entrepreneurship and a postgraduate diploma in project development management.