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Alexandre Lemille

Managing Director, France

Alexandre is currently in charge of the management of Anthesis France activities covering all sectors of Anthesis, from Advisory + Communications, Energy, Waste + Circular Economy to Analytics, Software + Systems. He advises public and private French organisations in the best way to innovate in disruptive solutions increasing their resilience while moving further into the implementation of regenerative design.

Alexandre previously worked at Cisco Systems in telecommunications and IT services cover the Middle East, Africa and Europe. He led the Cisco partner programme with a focus on service provider solutions. When Cisco first funded The Elle MacArthur Foundation, he took the decision to take part of the circular economy movement and has advised numerous management teams in the design of their circular vision, strategy and missions, then with his company Wizeimpact. He has also measured programme or project outcomes by assessing not only their global positive or negative impact, but estimated its intrinsic tangible as well as intangible value. This has helped companies fine tuning their programme designs.

Alexandre has 10 years of experience in related sustainability fields, namely the circular economy where he is a recognised expert, the social impact assessment and social innovation where he is an accredited Social Return on Investment (SROI) practitioner, sustainability reporting when he then was an official Global Reporting Initiative trainer. Alexandre holds a Master in Business Administration from Hult Boston, MA, USA.