Dawn Allan

Technical Director


dawn allan

Dawn manages the Sustainable Chemistry UK team, providing support for EU REACH consortia and Only Representative clients, helping companies to manage their chemical management programs and supporting Anthesis’ teams with client sustainability journeys. Dawn holds a BSc (Hons) in colour and polymer chemistry from the University of Leeds and a PGDip in Environmental Toxicology.

Dawn has over twenty years of experience delivering solutions to the chemical industry, including ten years in R&D in the global coatings industry (marine and industrial), and passive components materials for industry-leading companies such as AkzoNobel and Johnson Matthey.

Since then, Dawn has focused her expertise on regulatory and sustainability-related solutions within the chemicals industry, including conducting global chemical registrations for polymers and other difficult substances for all global chemical inventories. Dawn also has notable experience in the flavour and fragrance sector, where her regulation-focused work with the global fragrance brand Firmenich saw her provide solutions on global regulatory activities with a specific interest in the regulation of polymers and micro-plastics.

Pivotal in supporting the work of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) in responding to ECHA’s proposed microplastic restriction, Dawn was heavily involved in the ECETOC taskforce as one of the authors in the TR133 series of papers addressing the current state and potential future of registration of polymers.

Dawn has also co-authored the article ‘Are current regulatory log Kow cut-off values fit-for-purpose as a screening tool for bioaccumulation potential in aquatic organisms?” Read the article here.