Graeme Hadley

Associate Director


graeme hadley

Graeme is an Associate Director who leads the UK Strategy Practice. He works with clients on materiality processes and sustainability strategy development. He has experience in delivering on-site and remote reporting, strategy, materiality and double materiality support and programme management service. This includes consulting on ESG reporting frameworks including ISSB, CSRD, GRI, SASB and alignment with mainstream business processes.

Graeme establishes goals and KPIs for clients that adhere to best-practice standards and are aligned with commercial priorities, by creating digital solutions for data collection, management, analysis, and reporting. He has spearheaded the development, sales, and delivery of both existing and new products and services and has also crafted innovative corporate responsibility and sustainability concepts and content for his clients at Anthesis which includes Tesco, British Airways Holidays, B&Q and the North Face.