Lisa Grice

Executive Director

North America

lisa grice

Lisa is globally known for engaging CEOs and senior teams to drive game-changing sustainability performance that delivers brand equity, operational efficiency, and stakeholder value. Lisa has over 30 years’ experience pioneering leading edge solutions that combine both sustainability and business value for global corporations. Her work in Circular Economy, nominated for a 2017 Responsible Business Innovation award, includes developing a pioneering strategy for Merck KGaA’s Life Sciences business to credibly and cost-effectively position for entry into the multi-billion dollar green chemicals market.

A pioneer in climate change mitigation and resilience, she paved the way for hundreds of global companies to inform USEPA’s greenhouse gas strategy and reduce energy costs pursuing GHG reduction goals as a part of the ground-breaking Climate Leaders Program, which she created with the USEPA. A visionary expert, Lisa was chosen to author the chapter on Sustainability in the London Stock Exchange book on Corporate Governance.

On work for National Geographic: “Lisa brought together a group of stakeholders with strong and sometimes contentious positions, and was able to use her excellent facilitation skills and technical expertise to help all the stakeholders feel confident and stay engaged.” Darby Hoover, Natural Resources Defense Council.