René Toet

Chief Carbon Officer
rene toet

René Toet is an entrepreneur in climate change, carbon trading, renewable energy, and business management. He built his business knowledge in challenging roles within the FMCG market, including Unilever. Being aware of climate change’s implications for the planet and people early in his career, he decided to dedicate his skills and experience to this area. Over the last 15 years, his work has proved that healthy, future-proof businesses align well with climate responsibility.

As Managing Director and a believer in a Net Zero economy, René transformed the Dutch Climate Neutral Group into an international consulting and offsetting company with a systematic approach to Zero CO2, in line with the Paris Agreement. In addition to managing the development of decarbonisation propositions, creating high-impact portfolios for offsetting, and developing carbon projects within the regenerative agriculture space, he realised the Climate Neutral Certification Programme, the first climate-neutral standard with a mandatory reduction component, which was acknowledged by ISEAL.

In 2021, Climate Neutral Group merged with Anthesis Group to amplify its climate impact worldwide. René has been part of the Anthesis Global Leadership Team since 2022. He is also a former Co-Chair within the Policy and Advocacy Group and a Founding Partner of ICROA. He strongly supports a Voluntary Carbon Market and is involved in several business networks. 

In 2024 René started in a new role of Chief Carbon Officer and handed over the full management of Anthesis Climate Neutral Group to John Leppers, Managing Director NL, B and SA.