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Wopke Geurts

Manager Consultancy

Wopke is deeply intrinsically motivated to help organizations become more sustainable, either by developing new sustainable business propositions and/or by transitioning towards an absolute zero carbon business.

Within the Climate Neutral Group Wopke is responsible for the consulting team and services. She has a background in sustainable business innovation, is an experienced strategic consultant, worked for different corporates and, as an entrepreneur, co-owned a consulting boutique and impact driven start-up within the electric mobility. Currently she is focused on helping organizations to get insight in and reduce their carbon emissions. She is convinced innovation is key for reducing emissions and is looking forward to combining her different backgrounds to tackle climate challenges.

Wopke holds a MSc in Policy, Strategy and Communication from VU University in Amsterdam. She lives in Amstelveen, together with her husband, has two teenagers and loves to play tennis, kick box and hiking.