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Plastics Recycling Technology Hub – PDF Guide

July 20, 2020 | Guidance,
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Plastics Recycling Technology Hub

Anthesis is in the unique position of being able to support the creation of circular supply chains using the Anthesis global Plastics Recycling Technology Hub. The hub is a plastics recycling software that captures detailed information and analysis on over 100 plastics recycling technologies and their reference plants.

With this tool, Anthesis supports clients across the plastics value chain to identify which plastics can be recycled to date and which plastics could be recycled in the near to medium-term future.

How does it work?

The tool provides sourcing options to replace virgin plastics with recyclates and to identify fossil fuel replacements such as naphtha and methanol. It also helps us to identify credible suppliers and compare different technologies and their environmental impacts to mass balance circularity and build new circular supply chains.

How we can help

Anthesis supports clients on a wide range of plastics sustainability requirements to meet company and industry commitments and to ensure regulatory compliance.
Our support can flex between a ‘high-level’ review of your sourcing strategy and options through to selecting and implementing contracts with existing plastics recyclers and identifying worldwide investment opportunities for new recycling technologies and plants.

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