Episode 27: Looking Ahead at 2022

Regional Perspectives on a Common Goal

8th February 2022

activating sustainability podcast series

In this Activating Sustainability episode, our host Chris Peterson is joined by CEO of North America, Chantelle Ludski, and Managing Director of Europe, Middle East, and Latin America (EMELA), Brad Blundell, to discuss key achievements, growth opportunities, and what keeps them motivated in the sustainability world in 2022. 

Inside this podcast

  • ESG as a key driver for financial services and clients.
  • Larry Fink’s Annual 2022 letter.
  • Net Zero as a growth factor for achieving SBTs.
  • Activation journey with food retailers led by Anthesis Provision Coalition.
  • Key achievements in the education, innovation, and technology sectors.
activating sustainability
Activating Sustainability
Activating Sustainability | Ep 27: Looking Ahead at 2022: Regional Perpsectives on a Common Goal

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