Wise Women in Waste | Ep 8: Evolving Behaviours Towards ‘Right to Repair’

wise women in waste podcast series

In this episode of the Wise Women in Waste podcast series, our podcast hosts are joined by Lisa Grice, Executive Director at Anthesis, based in North America. The episode looks at Lisa’s perspective on sustainable product design, with a focus on circularity and new business solutions, based on her impressive career in energy and resource efficiency.

debbie hitchen

Debbie Hitchen

claudia amos

Claudia Amos

lisa grice

Lisa Grice

Inside this podcast

  • Examples of sustainable product design and the associated benefits and opportunities.
  • The significance of embedding design for sustainability into the research and development (R&D) process, with a focus on selecting the most sustainable materials, lowering carbon footprints, evaluating water use, and more.
  • The importance of simplicity when embedding sustainability into an organisation’s R&D processes.
  • Evolving policy and consumer behaviours towards ‘Right to Repair’.
  • How manufacturers are engaging with consumers to repair their products.
activating sustainability
Activating Sustainability
Wise Women in Waste | Ep 8: Evolving Behaviours Towards Right to Repair


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