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Resource Efficiency And Management – PDF Guide

March 6, 2017 | Guidance,

For resource management companies, procuring waste and recycling contracts is an increasingly competitive and challenging environment. This is the case when procuring in the municipal or commercial and industrial sectors. There are multiple reasons for this, including the cutting of local authority budgets, meaning they are seeking innovative ways to deliver services for less; new players are entering the market and increasing competition; and brokerage in current recyclate markets can be challenging.

Companies need to demonstrate how they can deliver cost-competitive services, using innovative technologies and delivery approaches to benefit clients, and maximise the quality and quantity of recyclable and compostable materials being collected and processed – as well as show an understanding of the consistency framework. We aim to support resource management companies do this.

Resource Management Services

Our services offerings applicable at all stages in the contract life cycle and are split into five defined stages, with those being:

Stage 1 – Strategic planning and pre-procurement

Stage 2 – Contract procurement support

Stage 3 – Contract mobilisation support

Stage 4 – Contract delivery support

Stage 5 – Contract extension negotiations

Our team of specialists have worked in the resource management sector supporting companies, local authorities and private sector clients for over 15 years. Download our guide below to find out more information on each of the stages identified above and find the contact details of who can help.

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