Conflict Minerals

Empowering Responsible Sourcing

Responsible sourcing is an integral part of climate action for organisations across industries, particularly in the case of those using conflict minerals. These minerals, including tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold, are bound up with a wide range of complex considerations, and ensuring their ethical procurement is a pivotal step towards sustainable operation and social responsibility.

Anthesis provides end-to-end conflict minerals compliance services to major device manufacturers. Under outsource agreements, we collect and validate all conflict minerals data from the supply chain, perform risk assessments, develop customer reports, and prepare required disclosure reports for the Securities and Exchange Commission. All tasks are completed using Anthesis-enabled tools.

  1. In-Depth Industry Knowledge: Benefit from our specialised team comprising project managers, subject matter experts, and software developers with deep industry experience in RoHS, REACH, conflict minerals, and global environmental regulations.
  2. Comprehensive Compliance Management: We offer end-to-end solutions, from data collection using our Anthesis Compliance Data Collection (ACDC) tool to conflict minerals management services for major device manufacturers.
  3. Global Business Process Outsource: Through our global delivery team, we provide round-the-clock business outsource services, leveraging in-country project management teams and offshore technical consulting resources to deliver cost-effective outcomes.
  4. Sustainable Product Compliance Suite: Explore our web-based system, the Anthesis Compliance Suite (ACS), designed to augment your enterprise platforms, ensuring efficient product compliance and conflict minerals data exchange.

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