Environmental Expert Witness

Expert Witness Services for Waste & Resource Management and Environmental Impacts
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Our global team of specialists provides independent, expert witness support across a broad range of topics, including resource and waste management and regulation, compliance and environmental impact assessment, and due diligence.

We provide clients with clear, robust guidance, grounded in our direct experience of environmental regulation, industry, local authority operations, and government policy. 

  • Waste management and recycling operations, compliance, and good practice throughout the chain of custody, including collection, transfer, treatment, recovery, and disposal.
  • Defence expert opinion in prosecutions by the Environment Agency and other national regulators.
  • Alleged breaches of environmental permits and legislation, including the Environmental Protection Act 1990, statutory waste Duty of Care Code of Practice, Permitting Regulations, Packaging Regulations, and Waste Shipments Regulation.
  • Assessment of potential and actual environmental impacts, harm, and contamination of soils, land, and water resources.
  • Analysis of costs of waste clearance and site remediation, considering appropriate recovery and disposal options.
  • Analysis of performance test data for waste treatment facility operations and statistical analysis of waste and material flows.
  • Air emission control and abatement and air quality assessment.
  • Waste classification, composition, quantification, and end of waste advice.
  • Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) operations, performance, and material testing.
  • Producer Responsibility compliance scheme obligations and investigation of Packaging Recovery Note (PRN) fraud.
  • Supporting expertise in environmental due diligence, waste sector commercial and market due diligence, waste and resource policy, strategy and, secondary commodity markets, environmental regulations, and international standards.
  • Ellen Struthers: Waste Service Operations and Material Recycling
  • Marco Barlettani: Environmental Contamination and Impact Assessment
  • Dr Roberto Salvati: Contaminated Land and Environmental Due Diligence
  • We provide impartial, independent guidance, founded on subject matter expertise and meticulous attention to detail.
  • We advise on all stages of processes, from ‘pre-action’ analysis and strategy to trial.
  • We support clients through challenging processes and make complex issues and legislative requirements simple and understandable.
  • We combine technical and compliance expertise with an awareness of legal process and evidential requirements.
  • We have supported fair and appropriate outcomes for our clients, including challenging the enforcement route and claimed levels of impact and harm.
  • Our experts draw on the knowledge and experience of over 1,000 sustainability specialists

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