Environmental Product Declarations

Helping you to demonstrate and substantiate the environmental standards of your products
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With increasing awareness and scrutiny from consumers about the sustainability credentials of products, brands more than ever need to be able to evidence and substantiate the claims they make. One way to do this is via environmental product certifications, but you must first assess the vast array of sustainability certifications and standards available.

From assessing the sustainability claims of your product to communicating credentials with stakeholders, Anthesis has a comprehensive service to help you implement, upgrade or substantiate environmental product claims and certifications in a targeted, streamlined way.

  • Materiality assessment – reviewing your current sustainability approach to align focus with stakeholder requirements and commitments. This will help ensure that the most appropriate standards are being targeted.
  • Product landscape reviews – assessing the guidelines and regulations applicable to your product category and geographic locations and how you can comply.
  • Sustainability claims assessment – analysing your product data and providing an independent review of the environmental claims and certifications that are applicable for your new or existing products. This could include claims and certifications relating to the recyclability, biodegradability, compostability and carbon footprint of your product.
  • Assessing sustainability certifications – providing a detailed review of international certifications and standards to give assurance on their relevance and credibility and to evaluate how they can help you to reach your wider environmental goals, such as reducing your carbon footprint, water scarcity and maintaining natural resources.
  • Gap analysis and planning – reviewing current processes and systems versus the required standards. This will feed into a high-level plan which identifies the key actions required for successful implementation of the standard.
  • Design, training and communications support – often, brands face a challenge with how to publicise their environmental claims, standards and certifications. We can support you to communicate your claims with your consumers and stakeholders, including how to present the certifications on your product packaging design.

The challenge with this type of project [Responsible sourcing certification] is finding the right advisory partner that instinctively understands what is needed, understand our business, and can deliver efficiently against the project brief. Anthesis’ way of working and communicating enabled us to execute the project on time, on budget, and to an excellent standard.

Heinrich Jonker – SIG Building Solutions

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