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Streamlined LCA for the marine industry
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Enabling the marine industry to fully understand the environmental impact of their products and processes

MarineShift360 is a streamlined lifecycle assessment tool designed specifically for manufacturers to measure, understand and reduce their product related environmental impacts. Using a unique inventory database developed in partnership with a broad cross section of the marine industry, MarineShift360 allows non-experts to quickly model their product footprint. Backed by the unrivalled expertise of over 1100 sustainability experts, MarineShift360 accelerates the pace with which marine organisations can assess and improve their environmental impact.

Backed by the unrivalled expertise from 1,100 sustainability specialists, MarineShift360 accelerates the pace with which marine organisations can assess and improve their environmental impact.

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Facilitating smart choices within design and manufacturing processes
An industry-wide, consistent dataset, assembled specifically for the marine industry
A collaborative platform to better quantify environmental imacts

How the tool works

Materials & Process Selection
MarineShift360 LCA Calculation
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The web-based application is intuitive and easy to use, enabling marine businesses to fully understand the environmental footprint of products and processes by quickly assessing their impact, whether individual marine components or a whole yacht. By identifying efficiencies, the LCA tool allows users to reduce environmental impact and costs without compromising performance, all at the touch of a button.

Material & Process SelectionLCA CalculationImpact Report

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Use pre-defined assessment templates to enter your unique data;

  • Raw materials
  • Production process
  • Up and Downstream transport
  • Use Phase input
  • EOL processing

world map showing carbon hotspots

MS360 will calculate the environmental impact across 7 impact categories using our uniquely tailored database.

  • GWP (Fossil & Non Fossil)
  • Energy Consumption (Renewable & Non Renewable
  • Mineral Resource Scarcity
  • Water Consumption
  • Marine Eutrophication
  • Waste Factor

graphical visualisation of routezero outputs

The impact data is presented in a configurable dashboard so you can truly understand where your ‘Hotspots’ appear and then simulate the variables to ultimately reduce your impact



We are working in partnership with the leading governing bodies, to establish the framework for LCA adoption and usage within the marine industry.

MarineShift360 is an official sustainability partner to the IMOCA class

The IMOCA class are running LCA’s on all new boats (14 studies), with the view to making LCA and carbon caps compulsory as part of the class rules in 2024.

monaco energy
The Monaco Energy Boat Challenge – MarineShift360 are working closely with the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge to help all entrants understand the impact of their novel concepts. Over 30 academic institutions are utilising the tool to model their hydrogen, solar and battery powered craft. Enabling the next generation of designers and engineers to fully understand the impact of their decisions.


An award-winning LCA tool

MarineShift360 won the Marina Equipment, Boatyard Equipment and Boat Construction Tools and Materials category at the 2022 METSTRADE DAME awards after being shortlisted alongside 48 other designs, from a total field of 104 entries across 14 countries and was selected by an international panel of experts.

MarineShift360 was recognised as one of the key tools the marine industry will need to transition to a greener future, giving manufacturers the tools and data to truly understand and reduce their environmental impacts .

dame design award category winner


This unique life cycle assessment tool provides additional incentives to start adopting more sustainable options.

Friedrich J. Diemann
Managing Director

The MS360 Tool helps marine organisations head in a direction that helps reduce environmental impacts, both in manufacturing, use and end-of-life stages, and further clarifies the need to adopt a more circular and transparent approach.


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