MarineShift360 Streamlined LCA Tool for the Marine Industry

The MS360 Tool helps marine organisations head in a direction that helps reduce environmental impacts, both in manufacturing, use and end-of-life stages, and further clarifies the need to adopt a more circular and transparent approach.


This unique life cycle assessment tool provides additional incentives to start adopting more sustainable options.

Friedrich Diemann – Managing Director, GreenBoats

Congratulations to the passionate, talented people who have worked for five years to bring this tool to market. Thank you to the DAME Design Award for recognizing the potential of a life cycle assessment tool to create strong innovation. At 11th Hour Racing, we support projects that catalyze change, and MarineShift360’s capacity to enable the marine industry to evaluate and compare materials and investigate sustainable alternatives is unparalleled.

Todd McGuire Managing Director, 11th Hour Racing


The marine industry, driven by consumer demand and imminent legislative changes, was faced with the imperative to transition towards closed-loop product design. To break away from the linear ‘take-make-waste’ approach and embrace a circular economy, experts from a number of industry-leading organisations, led by Anthesis Group, embarked on a mission to develop a revolutionary Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tool. This tool aimed to quantify and understand the environmental impacts of marine products, facilitating a shift towards smarter, more sustainable design choices.

marine products lifecycle


Anthesis took the lead in ideating and custom-building an LCA tool, MarineShift360. Seven industry-leading businesses—Allen Brothers, Arksen, Emkay Plastics, Multiplast, Princess Yachts, RS Sailing, and Wessex Resins—joined forces to contribute valuable data from their materials and processes.

This collaborative effort formed the backbone of the LCA tool, which measures the entire life cycle of marine products, enabling users to make informed decisions at the design stage. The tool was developed using the knowledge and experience of over 1,250 sustainability experts, and was designed to create a consistent dataset for the marine industry, encouraging data-driven, efficient choices across manufacturing processes.

How the tool works

Use pre-defined assessment templates to enter your unique data;

  • Raw materials
  • Production process
  • Up and Downstream transport
  • Use Phase input
  • EOL processing

MS360 will calculate the environmental impact across 7 impact categories using our uniquely tailored database.

  • GWP (Fossil & Non Fossil)
  • Energy Consumption (Renewable & Non Renewable
  • Mineral Resource Scarcity
  • Water Consumption
  • Marine Eutrophication
  • Waste Factor

The impact data is presented in a configurable dashboard so you can truly understand where your ‘Hotspots’ appear and then simulate the variables to ultimately reduce your impact.


The launch of MarineShift360 marked a significant turning point for the marine industry. Businesses across the industry became newly empowered to make smarter design choices, optimise their resource use, improve their efficiency, and better understand and respond to market needs.

The tool has received significant recognition, winning the METSTRADE DAME Award in 2022, which signifies its crucial role in the marine industry’s journey towards a greener and more sustainable future. The collaborative initiative behind the development of MarineShift360 invited businesses to provide input, ensuring that the data and processes modelled were useful across the industry, and further enhancing and scaling its impact.

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marineshift360 wins dame design award at metstrade 2022