Delivering GAP Analysis to Comply with the CSRD for Fagor Group

Sustainability is changing the way we understand the role that business has to play in society, and the CSRD will be a new push in that direction. Anthesis’s knowledge and expertise has allowed us to better understand the approach and objectives of the new directive as well as to prepare in time to be able to adapt to the new requirements.



Fagor Group is the largest industrial cooperative group in the Basque Country and it offers advanced technological solutions to customers all over the world. Fagor Group needed technical assistance preparing its sustainability reports and Non-Financial Reporting Statements. Considering the recent changes derived from the entry into force of the CSRD during the last quarter of 2023, Anthesis provided assistance to identify those aspects in which the cooperatives must advance and improve in its reporting to better respond to the new regulatory requirements. 

Fagor set out goals including to: 


The project consisted of three main phases: the approach, the gap analysis and the roadmap. 

During the approach, a study of the CSRD and ESRS has been carried out in order to gather what this directive and the ESRS requirements consist of, and to align the material issues of the cooperatives with the new directive. 

Then, during the GAP analysis, an evaluation of the current reporting in the EINF and Sustainability Report documents was carried out to determine the level of compliance with the Directive. In accordance with this analysis, the mandatory requirements covered, partially covered and not covered by the reports of the cooperatives have been reviewed to understand the gaps. 

Finally, a roadmap has been prepared with the results of the GAP Analysis to know the next steps and reports to be considered. Therefore, the organisation can get ahead of the regulatory horizon that lies ahead. 


The exercise carried out by the cooperatives of the Fagor Group allows it to prepare in time to respond, as far as possible, to all those requirements established by the ESRS standards and the CSRD, which will mean, in the coming months, adapting internal processes, policies and procedures in ESG matters. This will facilitate the way to adapt to the CSRD from a solid base. 

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