A Practical Guide to Implementing an Internal Carbon Price

with The LEGO Group and Landsvirkjun

22nd June 2023

Internal Carbon Pricing (ICP) is a powerful tool that can provide a direct link between decarbonisation targets and business decision-making processes. While the process of identifying an appropriate and robust carbon price can feel daunting, when done well, it provides a transformational tool to support innovation, manage climate risks and decarbonise your Scope 3 emissions and supply chain.

In this webinar, global leaders from the LEGO Group and Landsvirkjun have embraced the challenge of implementing an Internal Carbon Price in a way that has driven change in key business processes. We looked at how they overcame challenges around stakeholder buy in, the impact the price has had on decarbonisation and wider business targets and advice for companies considering ICP. The event included the chance to pose questions and gather advice from the business leaders and Anthesis’ team of sustainability experts to support you with setting your own internal carbon price.

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