Internal Carbon Pricing

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Setting an internal price on carbon

Currently, there are no international standards that businesses can seek to comply with when setting an internal price on carbon (in the way they might for setting a Science Based Target or reporting to the Carbon Disclosure Project, for example). But there are still some helpful guides and initiatives that businesses can look to, such as the Caring for Climate initiative from the UN Global Compact. This initiative encourages companies to become a Carbon Pricing Champion by setting an internal carbon price, communicating progress, and advocating for the importance of carbon pricing.

Similarly, there is no definitive answer or source for companies on what  your carbon price should be, and there are a variety of ways that the cost of carbon can be integrated into business practices. This means that the most important starting point for a business considering internal carbon pricing is to understand their own drivers for setting an internal carbon price.

In the pursuit of sustainable business practices, internal carbon pricing has emerged as a powerful tool to drive positive change and align organisations with global environmental goals. Setting an internal price on carbon allows companies to assign value to their greenhouse gas emissions, fostering a culture of efficiency and innovation while preparing for an environmentally conscious future.

At Anthesis, we understand the imperative of embracing sustainability, and our expertise in internal carbon pricing makes us the ideal partner for organisations ready to embark on this transformative journey. With a commitment to delivering tailored solutions and a proven track record in sustainable practices, we guide businesses toward a greener and more responsible future.

  • Stakeholder Engagement: Through effective communication and understanding of your business drivers, we identify internal carbon pricing processes that align with your unique needs.
  • Pilot Development: We develop and implement pilot schemes tailored to your business, seamlessly integrating with existing systems, and drawing on our carbon analysis expertise.
  • Identifying a Carbon Price: Leveraging our knowledge of carbon price trends and global issues, we help you determine the right values for putting a price on carbon within your organisation.
  • Measuring and Monitoring: In the fast-paced landscape of carbon pricing, we design mechanisms that align with your governance systems and stay updated on global carbon issues. Our approach includes continuous evaluation to ensure the system is achieving desired objectives.

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