Causes That Count 2023

The 50 issues that matter most to people this year.

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What is Causes That Count?

At Anthesis, we believe that brands can grow and develop through a clear and distinct purpose whilst also addressing the most important issues facing people and the environment. To help businesses identify those key issues that matter most to consumers, Revolt, part of Anthesis conducts a yearly survey of 5,000 people across five different global markets, and rank the top 50 issues in our “Causes that Count Index”.

This Index provides businesses with the ideal tool to connect with their consumers, by identifying how their brand can make a meaningful impact on the issues that matter most to them. It also enables businesses to delve deeper into their unique brand purpose, finding their fight within their purpose and providing insight on which issues to avoid and areas where to expand.

The latest report provides intriguing insights to examine, as there were significant changes in several areas such as climate change and poverty, undoubtedly a result of the unprecedented events of the year gone by with extreme weather records, several large scale conflicts, and the ongoing cost of living crisis. 

After coming first in last year’s overall ranking, “climate change” dropped three places this year. It was replaced by issues that many would feel to have a more immediate and personal impact: “access to healthcare,” “unemployment and job security,” and “poverty, hunger and homelessness in my country,” with “income inequality” as one of the biggest movers going up 11 places.

It’s important to note that these rankings are relative to each other, in other words, one can’t necessarily draw the conclusion that individuals no longer believe climate change is a concern, but instead we can infer that other issues have become relatively more important. 

Elsewhere in the top ten causes, “large scale war and conflicts” was another big mover shifting 11 places up as this year saw the war in Ukraine and the escalation of the conflict in Afghanistan. Outside the top ten “unifying our countries and communities” climbed several places, perhaps reflecting on how divided society is at the moment. 

To discover more, download and read the full report on the Revolt site here and please get in touch if you would like to chat about anything you see.

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