Escape Games: a Resource for an Education Towards Action

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Education is the most effective tool to achieve active transformation in society; driving awareness and improving capabilities for facing the planet’s environmental challenges, making decisions and adopting responsible attitudes in favor of a more sustainable socioeconomic model.

The resources that come into play during an educational activity must offer key information, awareness-raising messages and rigorous arguments so that people can reflect critically on reality. At the same time, the resources must be adaptable to different segments of the population and permeable to different topics of interest.

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At Anthesis we are experts in the design of innovative educational resources that respond to these needs and are aimed at promoting climate action among citizens, organisations, and children. A good example is escape games, which create experiential and interactive learning environments, combining a playful experience with an introduction to specific knowledge, all aimed at promoting education for action.

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To conceptualise the escape games, we use the gamification methodology, which poses a challenge or mission to be solved through a storytelling strategy. An effective way to trigger the spirit of the game is through a video teaser: a fundamental piece for its success because it acts as a motivating factor, generating commitment among the participants through emotion and making them protagonists of the experience and learning process.

As for the development of the game itself, we conceptualise various tests and mini-games to facilitate the discovery of information and knowledge related to the specific theme of the escape game. We also use the dynamics from escape games such as hidden clues, padlocks, riddles and manipulative elements, among others. In addition, the games incorporate technology through the use of a tablet to solve certain tests, for which an application is designed and programmed to integrate digital mini-games and an augmented reality reader.

All tests adjust to the characteristics of the audience and take into account pedagogical and educational criteria, applying methodologies that promote the skills and multiple intelligences of the participants. Furthermore, we also prepare didactic scripts detailing the objectives and mechanics of each test to make the escape game more dynamic.


Escape games in a physical format

As for the design and production of the escape box, the Anthesis education team works together with the design teams to devise a graphic image that allows the creation of a plausible and attractive game environment. The image is installed into the set of resources, tracks and games, as well as to the interactive and modular elements in which the tests are developed, and the structure or format of the game itself.

Likewise, we also design and produce all the necessary materials and elements that are part of the escape game: the structure in which the game is played, the game, the modules and materials of the games or tests. All the resources have been designed and produced following pedagogical and sustainability criteria.

Escape games in a digital format

The education team has experience in the development of escape games in a digital format, investing in the design and programming of immersive digital environments, similar to the development of a video game. An innovative and high quality technological investment which adapts the contents and tests of the physical escape games to the mechanics and dynamism of an online game. Above all, we ensure that the recreational aspect of the environment is compatible with the educational quality and rigor of its contents. The game often includes a participant’s notebook to record the results of the test (in order to make it easier for them to follow each step) and a version of the notebook with the solutions for the teams in charge of the games.

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Creating escape games for your organisation

What we offer

  • The gamified conceptualisation of the game based on a specific theme.
  • The development of the game and the adaptation of its contents to the tests.
  • The adaptation of the resource for different audiences.
  • The design and production of all game elements and resources under a sustainability criteria.
  • The incorporation of innovative technology integrated in the development of the game.
  • The development of an immersive digital game.
  • The production of teaser videos, a welcome video and a farewell video.

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