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New charity partnership with Take Action Global

March 14, 2023 | News,


Empowering the next generation to take climate action

We’re proud to share that Anthesis has formed a new partnership with climate education charity Take Action Global.

Take Action Global (TAG) is a climate education charity with a global reach, pioneering solutions to empower students, teachers, and partners to take action on climate change. Head quartered in the United States and working with a global network of schools and organisations across seven continents, TAG’s mission is to inspire young people to become guardians of our planet through its education solutions.

This exciting collaboration is part of a company-wide, multi-year Corporate Responsibility initiative to focus our community, charity, and employee engagement activities around the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 13: Climate Action. After a thorough selection process, TAG was the clear choice for our new charity partnership in terms of its mission and the charitable opportunities it offers our employees. We’re proud to share the same belief that education is one of the most effective tools to achieve transformation in our society and to deliver meaningful impact for our planet.


A community of over 2.5+ million students and teachers

TAG’s ambition is to empower 1 billion students to take action for a cleaner environment by 2030.

The charity’s work ranges from global education projects, learning experiences and curriculum development, to teacher training, virtual exchanges, and production of the annual Climate Action Day event.


Key education solutions include:


  • Climate Action Schools:
    The Climate Action Schools Programme is the charity’s flagship education project – a year-long learning experience for enabling students aged 5-18 to learn about environmental topics. Over the course of the project, classrooms explore the causes and effects of climate change, develop solutions, and take action as a school community.
  • Climate Action Project:
    A free, 6-week project for teachers and students aged 6-22 to collaborate on a global scale around climate change topics.
  • Goals Project:
    Classrooms collaborate to learn about and create solutions for the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Plastic Project:
    Students learn where plastics come from, their impact on the environment, and how to create greener alternatives.
  • Project Kakuma:
    Teachers across 75 countries unite to offer a free quality education to African refugees.


We’re excited to build our relationship with Take Action Global and support them with their mission of using climate education as a force for environmental action

Paul Crewe
Chief Sustainability Officer & Executive Director


Our Support

Our approach with supporting Take Action Global will be multi-faceted, offering our time, expertise and resources.

We aim to support the charity by:

  • Offering our sustainability education expertise to support with valuable educational content as part of the Climate Action Schools Program curriculum.
  • Promoting the charity to our employees, clients and stakeholders through awareness raising campaigns.
  • Fundraising initiatives, volunteering, and donations.


Corporate Responsibility at Anthesis

We are proud to be a certified B Corporation®; part of a global community of B Corps™ who use the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. As a B Corp, Anthesis is fully committed to making positive progress across five Impact Areas, including the areas of Environment and Community.

We enjoy a high level of employee engagement on our Corporate Responsibility initiatives; our staff are personally committed to sustainability and actively look for ways to make a difference.


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