Anthesis Advises CDP on Pivotal Report

‘Protecting People and the Planet’

people crossing the street

Anthesis has supported CDP to develop and launch the new ‘Protecting People and the Planet’ report. The report, which is based on disclosures from 998 cities across the world, evidences the need for cities to place people at the heart of their climate action and the additional benefits this can provide.

As climate equity advisor for the report, Simeran Bachra, Principal Consultant at Anthesis, provided guidance on why understanding the social impact of climate is critical in helping develop solutions that drive meaningful action.

Simeran commented, “The effects of climate change are not felt equally by people with vulnerable and marginalised communities often experiencing the negative consequences of a warming planet. When developing climate action, cities need to ensure they understand the social context they are making change in to ensure they are addressing equity and justice at the same time.”

Key findings from the report:

  • 80% of cities report facing significant climate hazards
  • Almost one in three cities (28%) are facing significant climate hazards that threaten at least 70% of their population
  • 63% of all cities are taking at least one people-centred climate action
  • Cities taking people-centred climate actions identified seven times as many co-benefits from climate actions as other cities
protecting people and the planet report

The report encourages cities to include people in the development and execution of their climate action plan to deliver climate action that is effective and inclusive. CDP calls on cities to take steps including:

  • Set science-based climate targets, which include interim and long-term targets, and develop a climate action plan to support the implementation of these targets
  • Undertake a climate risk and vulnerability assessment (CRVA) to identify climate risks and create an adaptation plan to manage them
  • Identify who to work with, such as the national government and private sector, to drive support and investment
  • Put people at the heart of climate action