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  • Alternative packaging reviews
  • Product sustainability calculator
  • Compliance
  • Materials sourcing and advice
  • Recycled content guidance
  • Consumer considerations
  • Design for recyclability

Advances in materials, engineering and sustainable design solutions are increasingly leading to more sustainable packaging options, meaning it’s getting easier for your brand to reduce its packaging footprint. Combined with rapidly evolving packaging regulations and higher scrutiny from consumers, now is the time to revisit the design of your packaging solutions.

Sustainability in packaging isn’t just about the materials used. Sustainable packaging design takes a focus on designs that minimise their impact through:

  • Ingredients: Using raw 100% recycled or raw materials
  • Production process: By minimising the production process, supply chain and carbon footprint
  • Reusability: Creating a circular economy around the packaging, extending its life cycle and usability.

Anthesis helps businesses to develop sustainable packaging solutions through design, supply chain management, and manufacturing. We take an end-to-end approach to packaging design by analysing the entire lifecycle.

Infinite Sustainable Packaging

Infinite Sustainable Packaging

Infinite Sustainable Packaging, a joint venture between Anthesis and global brand specialists 1HQ, offers a unique end-to-end solution for sustainable packaging innovation and design.

We support brands to create sustainable packaging systems and solutions that are more robust, sustainable, create more desire, and deliver more value. We do this by:

  • Building scientifically-backed strategies to underpin sustainable innovation. This begins with understanding the broader context of regulatory landscapes, drivers and pressures from third parties and consumers, consumption patterns and consumers’ behaviours, aspirations and needs. We then assess the sustainability goals and ambition, evaluate the impact of potential packaging options and recommend a more sustainable alternative.
  • Designing solutions to unlock sustainable growth. We bring packaging strategies to life with 2D and 3D packaging design solutions based on the consumer usage journey.
  • Realising your ambition and driving commercial viability. We test the new solution to ensure that it meets the client ambition, it delivers on all the sustainability priorities and can be evidenced against best in class standards. We then support with the implementation of the new solution.

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The Importance of Sustainable Packaging


Regulations and producer obligations are forcing brands to implement sustainability in their packaging
Retailers and consumers increasingly sustainability from brands
Improved packaging design positively impacts cost reductions across business operations

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