Developing a Plastic Packaging Strategy for a Global Retailer

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A large global food retailer set out targets and an ambitious plan to reduce the plastic used in its packaging. To achieve these targets, the retailer required support to kickstart its internal strategy.


Anthesis worked with the retailer to establish a packaging baseline and plastic waste prevention strategy. This strategy set out to raise awareness of its targets internally and to implement category-by-category initiatives to deliver its roadmap for success.

To deliver this project, Anthesis seconded a director to work within the organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility Team for six months.

Anthesis returned to work for the retailer a year later to evaluate progress against its baseline and to advise on necessary revisions to its approach to estimating packaging quantities.

Key services included:

  • Creating a packaging baseline through supplier engagement.
  • Setting and reporting on plastic packaging targets.
  • Engaging with key stakeholders and suppliers.
  • Establishing a packaging waste prevention strategy.
  • Developing packaging specifications for key product lines in alignment with the new waste prevention strategy.


Anthesis aided the retailer to set a robust strategy and outlined how to implements this strategy and achieve its targets. This was an important piece of work a the retailer is a leader in the packaging field and ambitious within its sustainability journey.