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Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Insight

Supporting cities, regions, and local governments with industry-leading analysis tools and techniques to develop the evidence base for climate action

SCATTER free carbon emissions tool for local councils

SCATTER is a GHG emissions measurement and modelling tool built to help local and county authorities in the UK with their climate action planning.

SCATTER allows local authorities and cities to standardise their GHG reporting, align to international frameworks, and to define and build the evidence base for pathways to emissions reduction in line with the Paris Climate Agreement.

SCATTER is free of charge to all local authorities in the UK. Over 250 UK local and county authorities have already used SCATTER, and it is quickly becoming the ‘go-to’ GHG modelling tool for UK authorities.

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The message from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is clear and unequivocal – we must rapidly decarbonise the global economy to limit rising temperatures and avoid the worst impacts of climate change. Holding the world to a temperature increase of 1.5°C is still technically possible, but this requires us to accelerate our efforts, cutting global carbon emissions by 45% from 2010 levels by 2030 and reaching net zero emissions by 2050.

The Challenge for Local Governments

Local governments and cities are at the forefront of the low-carbon transition due to their unique position as hubs of economic activity and community, and they are making bold commitments to tackle the worst effects of climate change and reduce their impact by declaring a climate emergency and setting ambitious targets.

Our Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Insight Services

Anthesis delivers tailored support to these cities, regions, and local governments to support their ambitions to reduce emissions, enable a just transition, and reduce the impacts of climate change on vulnerable populations. To achieve these aims, we use industry-leading analysis tools and techniques to develop the evidence base to springboard climate action.

  • Tools – we develop tools to measure greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, such as our SCATTER tool in the UK.
  • Emissions inventories – we quantify the GHG impact, understand the major sources of emissions and define a baseline from which action planning can unfold.
  • Scenario analysis – we provide future emissions projections at a regional or local level to define low-carbon and net zero scenarios.
  • Council analysis – we analyse the council’s own direct and indirect activities, prepare an organisational carbon footprint and map the steps they can take to reduce this.
  • Citizen emissions – we overlay socio-economic data with GHG emissions to uncover insights into fuel poverty and other inequality indicators to support a just transition.
  • Sector analysis – we analyse the impact of emissions from specific sectors and hotspots, from aviation to agriculture and buildings to shipping, to identify potential areas to reduce emissions and recommend the next steps for communication and action.
  • Vulnerability studies – we analyse climate risks, map vulnerabilities, and study the degree of resilience of territories and economic sectors.

From this technical analysis, we support cities and local governments with climate action planning and implementation.

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Anthesis supported Cheshire East Council in developing our Carbon Neutral Action plan, with their assistance being critical in delivering a tailored solution to our ambition to both be carbon neutral for our operations by 2025 and reduce the footprint of the Borough. They were able to engage, challenge, and bring along our team and management to ensure ownership and understanding of the approach, drawing on best practice and their experience working with other Local Authorities around the UK.

Dan Griffiths
Economic Development Progamme Manager, Cheshire East Council
Cheshire East Council

Anthesis helped us to quantify the emissions impact of our stock and operations, as well as considering barriers and enablers to decarbonisation across the various department and functions within our organisation. The work was conducted very professionally via a mixture of desk-based analytics and face-to-face interviews and has been instrumental in reframing our broader strategy and engaging colleagues at all levels, on this critical matter that we face.

Matt Roberts
Strategic Director - Property & Development, Southway Housing Trust
Southway Housing Trust

SCATTER [Anthesis city carbon footprint tool] offers an important opportunity for us to come together as a city to work out what we want our low carbon future to look like, how we can work together and how we can maximise the health, employment and quality of life benefits for our citizens.

Dr Carly McLachlan
Director, Tyndall Centre
Tyndall Centre

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