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TCFD Reporting

Helping you understand your organisation’s key climate risks and opportunities

Companies can leverage the TCFD framework to integrate climate risks and opportunities into business strategy by better understanding where the organisation is exposed to climate risks and can benefit from climate opportunities. We are experts at helping organisations to develop leading TCFD disclosures while identifying customised pathways to improve business resilience to climate change.

Anthesis climate and sustainability experts take a holistic view to tie together all aspects of the TCFD framework and integrate climate governance, strategy, risk management and metrics and targets into a unified and informed business strategy. We integrate perspectives from across your business to identify and prioritise physical and transition risks. We understand that the future is uncertain, however using technology-driven scenario analysis, we’re able to best equip you with tools and resources to plan for potential future climate worlds. Using this knowledge, you’re positioned to inform stakeholders on why they need to act today to mitigate climate risks and capitalise on climate opportunities.

Supporting our clients on TCFD Reporting and Climate Risk Analysis

Our climate risk experts will work with you to uncover your organisation’s key climate risks and opportunities, better understand potential business impacts, and identify management strategies to be successful in a changing low-carbon economy. We can support you in the following ways:

  • Climate risk screening: Anthesis experts engage with stakeholders and pull on our depth of industry-specific sustainability insights to identify and prioritise climate risks across your business portfolio and value chain.
  • Conduct scenario analysis: We leverage our leading expertise to evaluate your organisation’s exposure to physical and transitional risks under various climate scenarios and over multiple future time horizons to give you clear, quantitative insight into areas of concern.
  • Develop climate mitigation and adaptation strategies: With an in-depth understanding of the key climate-related risks your organisation faces, we will identify strategies to reduce exposure to these risks such as through renewable energy procurement, supplier engagement, carbon price modeling and many other tactics to aid in a successful transition to a low-carbon world.
  • Establish metrics and targets: Anthesis will support you in developing appropriate metrics and targets to effectively monitor and manage identified climate risks and opportunities while informing strategic planning and investment decisions.
27 Oct 2022

Preparing for the SEC’s Proposed Climate Disclosure regulations


Find out more about the upcoming climate disclosure regulations from the SEC and stay on top of the latest developments here.


Capitalizing on Climate Risk: How Private Equity Firms Can Generate Value in the Transition to Net Zero

Private Equity

Investors are recognizing the importance of assessing and managing climate risk in relation to the financial performance of their investments over the long term.


The New SBTi Financial Sector and TCFD Reporting Guidance

Science-based Targets

Find out more about the release of the SBTi Financial Sector and TCFD Reporting Guidance and how it can help financial institutions to navigate setting Science-based Targets alongside TCFD reporting.


Mandatory Climate-Related Financial Disclosures for the UK


On 6 April 2022, the UK became the first G20 country to make mandatory the Recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD framework). Find out more about this TCFD update and what to do if you have been affected.


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