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Providing solutions for reducing and managing the energy that is used by organisations

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Performance Monitoring – Anthesis collects the data required and analyses it to assess energy trends to identify and implement cost-effective interventions that reduce utility bills and the overall carbon footprint.

The way organisations produce, consume and manage their energy is rapidly changing, driven by concern over energy price volatility, climate change and technological advancement.

Anthesis Energy Management services are designed to provide solutions for reducing, managing, de-risking and decarbonising the energy that is used by organisations. Our projects are supported by a dedicated energy specialist with a wide range of experts with technical skillsets that will be drawn on where necessary to provide end-to-end assurance.

Our approach to outsourcing energy management

We follow a programmatic approach to the entire energy management cycle:

  • Performance monitoring – understanding energy usage through data collection and detailed analysis of trends to establish potential areas for improvement.
  • Project identification and implementation – delivering cost-effective interventions that reduce energy bills, water bills, or the overall carbon footprint.
  • Communications and advice – reporting on performance and providing project-specific advice on energy efficiency, generation, and metering.
  • Compliance activities – ensuring compliance with legal and statutory obligations on energy and carbon reporting, and the energy performance of buildings.
  • Budget management – managing the utility supply contracts and costs.
  • Strategy and horizon-scanning – reducing financial and reputational risk by preparing for changes in the energy and water landscape.

Our approach allows us to manage the energy used by your business for both quick wins and long term cost and carbon efficiency.

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