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Outsourced Energy Management

Providing solutions for reducing and managing the energy that is used by organisations

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Performance Monitoring – Anthesis collects the data required and analyses it to assess energy trends to identify and implement cost-effective interventions that reduce utility bills and the overall carbon footprint.

Well run energy management practices reduce the need for expensive technology or offsets to meet your Net Zero targets.

We help clients reduce their emissions by better managing their energy consumption and boosting their energy performance. As part of our energy management services, we measure how your buildings are being used on a day-to-day basis and provide you with that usage data so that you can recalibrate how you heat, light and power your buildings. We conduct our work to externally validated standards, such as ISO 50001.

Our services include:

  • Collecting and integrating available data from existing smart meters, BMS systems or loggers, as well as installing new logging or metering equipment
  • Streamlining all data via a single platform from all buildings and sites
  • Providing ongoing monitoring and reporting to target and prioritise energy waste
  • Through our data platform, we provide building performance tracking, user-friendly reports, and waste monitoring

Our data platform provides:

  • Building performance tracking – understanding energy usage through data collection and detailed analysis of trends to establish potential areas for improvement
  • Useful and user-friendly reports, not reports for reports sake
  • Monitoring of waste, highlighting good and bad performance and prioritising action via an overspend league table
  • Compliance activities – automated reporting to ensure compliance with legal and statutory obligations on energy and carbon reporting, and the energy performance of buildings
  • Market analytics – forward price projection and budget management to manage the utility supply contracts and costs
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