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Chemical Consortium Management Services

Our experts have many years of experience in consortium management, helping to support the chemical industry through the REACH compliance process

Consortium Management
Consortia are an efficient and cost-effective way for potential registrants of a chemical substance to collaborate in order to meet the REACH requirements in time.

Fulfilling the requirements of REACH 

In 2010, the introduction of REACH (EU regulation designed to protect human health and the environment from the risks posed by chemicals) compelled manufacturers and importers of the same chemical substance, many of whom are fierce market competitors, to cooperate in a way they had never done before.

To fulfill the requirements of REACH, companies are now required to collaborate in order to develop the joint required REACH registration dossier, share existing substance information, develop new hazard data where required, and to share costs.

Our consortium management services

To provide an administrative and legal framework to meet the REACH data sharing requirements in an efficient and cost-effective way, the chemical industry has organised itself into consortia, consisting of all registrants of a particular chemical substance or group of substances.

Consortium management can be a time consuming and often complex job for organisations. Our team of sustainable chemistry specialists can support you through the entire REACH process with our full spectrum of consortium management services, aiding collaboration and clarification at every step of the way.



Guiding the Chemical Industry through the consortium minefield 

Our sustainable chemistry experts, drawn from across the chemical industry, have many years of experience in simplifying the intricacies of chemical consortium management and guiding companies through the process, including:

  • Preparing consortium agreements for setting out the legal framework within which the consortium will operate.
  • Developing a mechanism for cost-sharing within the consortium and calculating compensation for data owners.
  • Safeguarding consortium members confidential business information.
  • Ensuring that all consortium business is carried out in adherence with relevant competition law.
  • Calculating the cost and managing letters of access to consortium data and the joint submission dossier for consortium non-members.
  • Facilitating scientific studies to fill data gaps where required, and managing the costs associated with these studies.
  • Preparing the substance joint submission dossier, chemical safety report, exposure scenarios and guidance on safe use and submitting to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) of all relevant registration data.
  • Maintaining a watching brief on regulatory developments such as draft decisions issued by ECHA, Risk Management Options Analyses, potential listing on the Candidate list of SVHC, restrictions authorisations and the Community Rolling Action Plan.
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