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Anthesis Appoints Climate and Energy Solutions Expert to Lead Net Zero Practice in North America

August 10, 2022 | News,
Shaun Enright Joins Anthesis

Anthesis Group, the world’s largest group of dedicated sustainability professionals has appointed leading climate and energy solutions expert, Shaun Enright, as Executive Director of the Climate and Net Zero practice for North America.

Reporting to Anthesis’ North America and Asia Pacific CEO Chantelle Ludski, and joining the North America Leadership Team, Shaun will be responsible for setting strategic direction, identifying new growth opportunities, and building out service offerings in areas including Climate Risk, Carbon Markets, GHG Inventories, Science-Based Targets & Net Zero, Opportunity Investment, Energy, and Water Stewardship.

Recognizing the critical role that data and analytics plays in accelerating and catalyzing impact, he will also help to oversee the development of climate and Net Zero digital solutions and capabilities in North America. Shaun’s leadership in these areas will accelerate the power of Anthesis’ Activator approach to not only better equip companies in understanding their organization and supply chain’s risk, but also to drive impactful change and transformation through the mitigation strategies development, investment prioritization and implementation.

“Shaun’s years of entrepreneurial solution-building and trusted partnerships with leading commercial and public organizations positions him to provide powerful leadership in his new role at Anthesis. His multi-disciplinary expertise and cross-sector experience will allow us to strengthen and expand key service areas and digital solutions. I am pleased that Shaun has joined Anthesis, and I look forward to working with him on progressing key strategic initiatives in North America.”

Chantelle Ludski

CEO of Anthesis for North America & Asia Pacific

With 22 years of leadership in climate, energy, sustainability and resilience, Shaun has honed his expertise across a diverse range of disciplines and has dedicated the past decade of his career to advising commercial and public sector executives on meaningful strategies and implementation decision planning that resulted in a force multiplier for good.

Prior to joining Anthesis, Shaun led the upstart, advancement, and growth of Booz Allen’s Energy & Climate Analytics solutions. His focus on agile, data-driven analysis and delivery enabled customers to optimize Net Zero objectives while mitigating risks, increasing resilience, prioritizing investment, and supporting a more informed implementation glidepath. He has also helped start and grow the Cleantech Open U.S. Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions, a global accelerator focused on maturing innovative climate and energy ideas to be investment ready and has previously led high-performing teams in the development and go-to-market of new solutions and web-based products for multiple organizations.

Notably, Shaun supported the Secretariate levels of the U.S. Military with data-enabled investment strategies and innovate project structures that reduced climate risk exposure while increasing resilience to soldiers and critical infrastructure.

Shaun Enright commented, “It is imperative that we collectively act to not only confront climate threats, but also to seize the opportunity that leans into prioritized investments and action to swiftly reduce emissions while increasing resilience. I am proud to join Anthesis to support companies in driving a more a rigorous understanding of climate risks as well as accelerating their journey into implementation and impactful change.”

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