Alexandre Lemille – Top 50 France Sustainability Influencer

Congratulations to Alexandre Lemille, for featuring in the Top 50 sustainability Influencers in France.

Marketing Insights’ Top 50 list of sustainability influencers highlights individuals whose activities on social media have been considered of real value to developing and promoting disruptive topics about our safe and just future  online.

Alexandre is currently in charge of the management of Anthesis France activities covering all sectors of Anthesis, from ESG Advisory, System Change, Energy, Circular Economy to Analytics, Education and Biodiversity. He advises public and private French organisations in the best way to innovate in disruptive solutions increasing their resilience while moving further into the implementation of regenerative design.

Alexandre has 15 years of experience in related sustainability fields, namely the circular economy where he is a recognised expert, the social impact assessment and social innovation where he is an accredited Social Return on Investment (SROI) practitioner.

Systemic changes are happening too slowly with huge political, legal, financial, mindset related barriers that seem irremovable. Foundations of our future together have to be built outside of the current framework taking biophysical and societal limits into account. Regenerative models of life are part of the answer.

Alexandre Lemille, MD Anthesis France
alexandre lemille

Photo: Alexandre Lemille : “I was born in a 327 part per million CO2 concentrated world (the year of the “Limits to Growth” publication), we live today at 424 PPM CO2 (May 2023) and counting… ”


Selection criteria for the top 50 sustainability influencers

The editors of The Good have identified a list of more than 178 professional figures who they consider to be influential on the Linkedin network. Marketing Insight added to this list by using tools such as Visibrain (a monitoring tool) and C3D (an association of over 250 CSR leaders). The editorial team also polled the panel of professionals, asking them spontaneously which three people they considered to be the most important. The result was a list of 192 key figures.

You can see the full top 50 list here: