Webinar: Part 1. Introduction to Mandatory Climate Reporting and the Australian Sustainability Reporting Standards (ASRS)

Preparing for Mandatory Climate Reporting and ASRS. Reporting Essentials, Obligations and Liabilities | July 10 2024

This is the first webinar in our series of monthly deep dives, where we guide you through the fundamentals of preparing for Mandatory Climate Reporting and the Australian Sustainability Reporting Standards (ASRS).

This 30 minute session, will equip you with the core details and practical steps to introduce you to the mandatory climate-related disclosures and reporting to ASRS. Anthesis Principal Consultant Amy Quinton and Jill Button, Partner at Allens explored:

  • The latest on what’s coming and why it matters – covering an understanding of the proposed requirements and how your business is captured.
  • Reporting essentials: what information must be disclosed, how and when.
  • What steps to take now:
  • Intro to gap analysis/readiness assessment.
  • Setting roles and responsibilities, governance and accountability, ambition level.
  • Compliance obligations and potential company and director liabilities.

In this webinar and throughout the series, we’ll explore in detail the key elements of the standards and offer practical tips for everything you need to know to prepare for reporting, answer your questions and explore the opportunities that exist beyond compliance to drive innovation, efficiency, sustainable performance and business value.

Future webinars will cover themes including assessing material risks and opportunities, measuring and reporting scope 3 emissions, scenario analysis, considerations for materiality, integrating climate and nature, assurance, links with financial reporting and more.

The sessions are 30-minute, early morning deep dives into specific subjects, designed for busy leaders seeking concise, practical insights.

They will provide you valuable guidance for each stage of your mandatory climate reporting journey, helping you understand what is required and make meaningful progress.

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Identifying Climate Risks, Opportunities and Navigating the Complexities of Scenario Analysis
August 14th 8.30am – 9.00am AEST.
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amy quinton

Amy Quinton

Principal Consultant, Anthesis


jill button allens

Jill Button

Partner, Allens


If you need guidance or advice on the mandatory climate related disclosures or the Australian Sustainability Reporting Standards (ASRS) please reach out to our team, we’d love to help.