Dr. Junbo Chen

Associate Consultant


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Junbo is a Chemical Engineer and Computational Chemist with broad academic experience in chemistry and expertise in catalysis, electrochemistry, and solvation models. He has over 200 citations across high-impact peer-reviewed journals including ACS catalysis and Small.

Junbo established his career in academia with a number of successful collaborations with international research teams slated for publication in high-impact peer-reviewed journals. He has experience in independent research with a variety of fields of interests such as renewable energy, heterogenous catalyst design. He also has technical skills using high-performance computers and code-automation to generate, analyse and deliver to the targeted audience.

Junbo has recently transitioned his career into technical advisory consulting with a focus on emissions reduction strategy and compliance to reporting schemes such as NGERS and the Safeguard Mechanism. Junbo’s expertise lies in providing valuable insights and guidance to organisations, ensuring they meet their sustainability goals while adhering to regulatory requirements.

Academic Qualifications: Bachelor Eng (Chemical Eng); Master of Science (Chemical Eng); PhD (Chemistry)