Roohi Ghelani

Senior Sonsultant


roohi ghelani anthesis

Roohi has qualifications in Environmental Science, Management and Policy and with academic and professional experience that spans Singapore, Australia, Sweden and Russia. She is experienced in the areas of environmental research, carbon project assurance, business advisory, sustainable development, and the circular economy. At Ndevr Environmental, she has project-managed assurance, due diligence, and carbon market dynamics projects; conducts Emissions Reduction Fund audits across land sector methodologies; and supports in strategic climate change and carbon pricing projects. She also develops and implements modern slavery risk assessment tools and tracks counter-modern slavery action as part of the Ndevr Human Rights team.

Academic Qualifications: B.Sci(EnvSci); M.Sci (EnvMgmt)
Industry Qualifications: Climate Active Registered Consultant