NGERS – the National Greenhouse Energy Reporting scheme

To drive emissions reduction, the government has committed to implementing meaningful policy change and reformed the Safeguard Mechanism legislation from July 1, 2023.

NGERs or the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting scheme, is Australia’s national legislative framework for reporting and publishing company information about greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, energy production and energy consumption. It is administered by the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) who register and deregister corporations for reporting, receive reports submitted through the Emissions and Energy Reporting System (EERS) and who enforce compliance of the Act. Who needs to report to NGERs is determined by specific emissions thresholds, classed as the Facility threshold and the Corporate Group threshold. For more information see our article ‘What is NGERs, who needs to report and how to comply‘.

NGERs reporting entities are increasingly focusing on not just compliance to the NGERs and Safeguard Mechanism, but also how to strategically navigate the framework to reduce risk and capitalise on opportunities while navigating the decarbonisation pathway.

Now is the time for large emitters to ensure their decarbonisation strategy is robust and future proof because the pace of change will only accelerate towards 2030 and beyond.

We are registered auditors under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act 2007 and provide assurance in compliance with the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting framework that covers both NGERs and Safeguard Mechanism liable entities. For more than eight years we have been active members of the Clean Energy Regulator’s Audit Panel and provide audit and assurance services for some of Australia’s largest and most complex emitters.

Anthesis has deep expertise in the Safeguard Mechanism and NGERs, advising many of Australia’s largest and most complex sites reporting under the legislation. Our Managing Director was a key member of the Australian Government team that designed and implemented the NGER legislation.

Together, our multidisciplinary team has been trusted to deliver dozens of NGERs/SGM/ERF projects for some of Australia’s largest emitters and project developers. Our team collectively has around 30 years’ of experience within the industry and as external advisors specialising in this space.

Our NGERs audit and advisory services include:

  • Complete NGER data compliance support including collection, verification, assurance and upload support
  • Higher order method review, compliance assessment and optimisation
  • NGER compliance gap analysis and reporting optimisation
  • Engagement and support with the Clean Energy Regulator and DCCEEW for complex and high-impact matters
  • Independent limited and Reasonable Assurance audited services (with inhouse Category 2 Emissions and energy auditor)

The team at Anthesis helps us navigate the complexities of NGERs and the Safeguard Mechanism in Australia. We have been continually impressed with their technical expertise and diligence over the journey to date. Importantly our work together puts Orica in a strong position to both anticipate and respond to evolving climate policies and regulation.

The Anthesis team are a credible, trusted and experienced advisor that has helped Orica turn our ideas into industrial scale emissions reduction.

Troy Powell, Head of Sustainability, Orica

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