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B Corp Impact Report 2021-2022

February 16, 2023 | News,

“I’m proud of our progress across all five Impact Areas and our continued commitment to make business a force for good”

Stuart McLachlan​
CEO, Anthesis Group​


We are proud to share our first B Corp Impact Report

In early 2021, Anthesis became a fully certified B Corporation®, joining a global community of organisations that value purpose as much as profit. Becoming a B CorpTM cemented our dual commitments of guiding our clients on their journey to a more sustainable existence and standing firm behind our own.

Two years on, it’s a pleasure to share our first B Corp Impact Report, focusing on our progress across the five Impact Areas of Governance, Workers, Community, Environment, and Customers during this period.

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Our Impact: Governance

Becoming a B Corp has enabled us to double-down on our governance commitments to run our business in a responsible, transparent and sustainable way.

Key initiatives include:

  • Updating and publishing our Sustainability Policy and Modern Slavery and Human Rights Trafficking Policy, outlining our commitments.
  • Forming a new Ethics Council to exercise sound judgement in the face of ambiguity and complexity.
  • Publishing our three-year Corporate Responsibility Objectives Plan aligned to the B Impact Areas and identifying areas we endeavour to improve upon.
  • Expanding our global Corporate Responsibility Programme by establishing various working groups to ensure we make real progress against our objectives, including the areas of Net Zero, Wellbeing, Environmental Management Systems, and Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Accessibility (JEDIA).

“We were impressed with the expertise that Anthesis provided and are delighted at the outcomes of the project. We’ve already reduced carbon emissions at the playground by more than five tonnes a year and we’ve seen real enthusiasm within the local community to learn more about climate change and how everyone can make a difference”

Janine Crockett​
Head of Property Sustainability, Sanctuary​


Our Impact: Customers

We’re tackling the world’s greatest challenges through the sustainable solutions we deliver for our customers.

Key focus areas to help clients on their journey to a more sustainable existence:

  • Expanding our services to address the most pressing of environmental and social issues, including Net Zero, ESG, Water, Nature and Social Impact.
  • Establishing a working group to define a set of impact measures in order to assess the positive impacts that we deliver with our clients.
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Our Impact: Community

We’re striving to deliver positive impacts for our communities through volunteering, sustainability education, charitable giving, and driving our JEDIA programme.

Our report showcases many of the initiatives we’ve delivered to support communities, including:

  • Selection of SDG 13 Climate Action as our north star for Corporate Responsibility and employee engagement initiatives.
  • Conservation volunteering activities and group sporting challenges for charitable causes.
  • Civic engagement and sustainability education.
  • Expanding our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion programme to include Justice and Accessibility as key pillars. Progress includes implementing JEDIA training for employees, building diverse talent pipelines, delivering awareness raising campaigns, and fostering an inclusive culture through employee-led networks.
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Our Impact: Environment

We are using our B Corp status to drive and strengthen our environmental performance, both for our internal operations and for our clients.

Key environmental initiatives we’ve introduced across the business include:

  • Setting our own Net Zero goal.
  • Developing a methodology for measuring our impact through supporting clients to sustainably eliminate 3Gt of CO2e on their Net Zero journeys.
  • Training employees to become Carbon Literacy trainers and becoming a certified Carbon Literate Organisation (CLO) to ‘Silver Level’ (UK).
  • Re-certifying our Environmental Management Systems to the ISO14001:2015 standard (UK and Spain).
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Our Impact: Workers

Our employees are proud to say they work for a B Corp and are united in the Anthesis Spirit: our behaviour code which informs how we engage with each other, our clients, and the wider world.

Key highlights linked to supporting our workers include:

  • Enhancing our employee benefit packages to align with our company values.
  • Expanding our learning and development offering.
  • Implementing various health, safety and wellness initiatives and employee engagement campaigns.
  • Supporting our colleagues across all elements of their working life, resulting in being recognised as a Great Place to Work in the USA for the 2nd year in a row.

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This year marks Anthesis’ fifth publication of the UNGC Communication on Progress report. We continue to advance our global Corporate Responsibility Programme as we make progress against our three-year Objectives Plan and deliver on our commitments as a certified B Corp.


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